Audio instructions for meditation

Listen to this audio and then use these instructions to meditate  for as long as you like. You can use the transcript below to follow the audio instructions.After the instructions you will hear the singing bowl and after that you can pause the audio and meditate for as long as you like. Then to end the meditation, you can hear a last sound of the singing bowl.

Remember to stand still for a moment and reflect upon your experience, using the reflection questions, afterwards.

Transcript of the audio instructions

Good evening everyone,

I am not sure what you really expect about ‘guided meditation’. In my opinion guided meditation means to really practice together. Rather than talking. I am not really going to entertain you. It is really practice. Through the practice we can develop meditation. I am not going to entertain you or I will not ask you to create many illusions. There is no visualisation, imagination.

We are not going to escape from reality. What is our reality in this moment or now? We really need to confront our reality in this moment, whatever it is, pain or pleasure it doesn’t matter.

In meditation, the objective of meditation is: we learn to live, even in these difficult situations, painful situations. We are not really escaping or creating some imagination for a short period of time. So meditation is always: we have to be in the reality now. So this is what I mean by guided meditation.

Yesterday I mentioned two obstacles or two difficulties in the meditation:

  • Agitation
  • Drowsiness or dulness, whatever you call it

Drowsiness = a kind of unclear, foggy mind.

Agitation =

  • gross agitation could be like distractive emotions, like anger or maybe fear, resentment,
  • and subtle agitation is like discursive thoughts

So what we have to learn from the meditation =

We are not going to push them away: we are not going to fight with our emotions or thoughts.

We just accept reality as it is.

Simply we need to create more presence of awareness, vigilance, thoughtfulness… In fact, this awareness is within, but we need to recognise this awareness. So we are not really overshadowed by our destructive emotions. We are not really swept away by our thoughts. So simply by this awareness, we really need to watch, simply watch. We are just the observer of what is happening here, now.

Just observe.

And therefore again we are going to use the same method: same object: our breath: this is the most common and very effective meditation object.

Ok so today first we are going to breathe in and out 3 times: deeply breathe in and out in order to cleanse all our blockages and all our channels we have to clean first.

Then sit comfortably on your cushion or on your chair.

Upright your back again, relax your shoulders, your thorax, close your eyes.

So again and again we need to develop this physical posture.

Ok so now we are breathing in and out deeply 3 times.


Ok namaste

Ok one more message:

Tomorrow we are going to fast one day.

If you would like to join, you are most welcome.

You have to avoid breakfast and lunch. You can have a very light dinner. So it means from today: dinner to dinner. It is very good for the cleansing of the body. You can drink as much as you can, but no tea, milk, no coffee, just water and tisane (herbal tea).

Ok goodnight.