Audio instructions for meditation

Listen to this audio and then use these instructions to meditate  for as long as you like. You can use the transcript below to follow the audio instructions. After the instructions you will hear the singing bowl and after that you can pause the audio and meditate for as long as you like. Then to end the meditation, you can hear a last sound of the singing bowl.

Remember to stand still for a moment and reflect upon your experience, using the reflection questions, afterwards.

Transcript of the audio instructions

Good evening everyone.

And again today there will be the same technique as yesterday.

First try to maintain the physical posture.

And do this in a relax manner. Do not put too many tension

Today if you like we can count the breath:

incoming outgoing = 1 and so on, counting like this.

Until you are distracted.

You can go up to 10, 20 50.

If you are distracted, then start counting from zero.

So we will use this technique today.

Also to recognise in general there are two obstacles in meditation.

  • One is agitation = wandering mind: your mind is too much scattered. Not in one place: just moving, generating thoughts. This is agitation.

If this is happening then you have to recognise: try to recognise as soon as possible, then come back to the breathing as soon as possible. That is one obstacle

  • Another obstacle is drowsiness. It means there is no clarity in your mind, its not clear. Your mind is not very clear: then again you have to recognise it is not clear. Then you put more focus on your breathing.

This is important to recognise these two obstacles or faults in meditation: agitation and drowsiness.

There are subtle and gross forms, but now it is ok to just simply recognise and come back.

It means: we should not really stay with the drowsiness nor agitation. Then the mind will get used to it and that is not very helpful.

And also it is very important, that once you started, you must accomplish.

If you need to take a rest, then take a rest, for example every 15 minutes you can.