Audio instructions for meditation

Listen to this audio and then use these instructions to meditate  for as long as you like. You can use the transcript below to follow the audio instructions. After the instructions you will hear the singing bowl and after that you can pause the audio and meditate for as long as you like. Then to end the meditation, you can hear a last sound of the singing bowl.

Remember to stand still for a moment and reflect upon your experience, using the reflection questions, afterwards.

Transcript of the audio instructions

Good evening everyone, welcome to the guided meditation

And today we will start with the body posture of the practice and mental calming

= two stages we have to maintain.

General principle

1. The basic physical posture

It is not to know, but we need to adapt ourself this posture

Basic physical posture comprises 7 points:

  1. If you are sitting on the floor or cusion: you have option: either lotus pose or just cross leg. If you cant sit on the floor, you can sit on a chair, but dont let you two legs hang on the ground.
  2. Hands in mudra of meditation: means : right one on the left, two thumbs slightly touching, placed under the navel. Either: two palms just rest on your knees
  3. Relax your shoulders, dont lift, just relax, drop your shoulders
  4. The neck slightly back, like this
  5. The spine straight or aligned, but not stiff, so you try to maintain this
  6. The eyes: in the beginning slightly open your eyes, then throughout the meditation you might close spontanously, then you dont need to open, just let it be
  7. The teeth and the lips, naturally relaxed

These are the seven points of the physical posture, we really need to be aware of. This is the main point, to maintain these seven points

2. Basic mental attitude:

Once you stabilized this physical posture.

Then second, next, is the basic mental attitude:

And today we are anchoring the mind with an object. The object we choose is our breath, breathing: incoming and outgoing breathing. You try to anchor your mind on your breathing. It is natural breathing. Whenever you distract your mind, then simply come back to the object again and again, without any reaction towards your thoughts.

Okay so today we keep it like this, very simple, lets try.

1. First I am going to make the singing bowl: so you focus on the singing bowl.

2. Then try from the top to the bottom to the physical posture and you stabilize that.

3. Then third, you go back to the breathing

So that is 3 steps.

Ok all the best, have fun.


MEDITATION for as long as you like (recommended 1 hour with breaks).

After the meditation:

I hope this is not too difficult for you. If you are a beginner, or if you don’t really practice in a daily basis, then this is a litle bit challenging, but dont worry, it will overcome during the practice.

Also you must accept chalenges and difficulties on physical and mental level: this is called: patience. Patience is the most important tool to develop in meditation.

Ok hope to see you tomorrow again.