Deblokkeer je innerlijke kracht

I first did this exercise under the guidance of Richard Schwartz (a contemporary psychotherapist and PhD in family therapy) at  a Mind & Life congress in Brussels with the Dalai Lama. This exercise really did something to me and this online learning environment is a direct result of unlocking my inner power with this exercise. I hope it will have a similar powerful effect on you. Good luck with this exercise!

Oefening 1:     deblokkeer je innerlijke kracht – 8 min

In deze oefening loods ik je in 10 stappen doorheen je innerlijke wereld. We gaan op zoek naar wat je eigenlijk heel graag wilt doen, maar iets in je houd je tegen om dit ook werkelijk te gaan doen. We leren dit iets in je beter kennen en gaan ermee in gesprek. We gaan op zoek om dat deel van je te transformeren.

Exercise 2:     unlock your inner power – 10 min

In this exercise I will walk you in 10 steps through your inner landscape. We will find out what is blocking you to do the thing you would actually really want to do. We will zoom in on that part within you that is holding you back and have a chat with it. We will look for ways to transform that part of yourself.

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