Reflection questions after the meditation

Scientific research showed that awareness is raised during the meditation if you answer some reflection questions about your meditation. So to improve your learning experience, it is good to stand still for a moment after your meditation and reflect on these questions.


  • How does relaxation feel for you (in the body)? What is this like in your experience? 
  • Did you notice any tensions? Where? How do they evolve during the meditation?


  • Were you able to maintain awareness for your physical posture during the meditation?
  • Do you notice when you lose the maintenance of awareness for your physical posture (for example tensions coming up in the shoulders, when the spine is no longer straight)?
  • Can you come back to maintaining the posture in 7 points?


  • Were you able to maintain awareness of the breath? What do you notice about your breath? (How is your breath like, where do you feel it, how does it evolve,…?)
  • Can you come back to the breath when your mind wandered? 


  • Are you able to apply patience to this and how do you experience patience? Or impatience?


  • What other things do you experience during the meditation? (For example distractions, fantasies, hopes, fears, judgements, expectations, sounds,… boredness… thoughts, emotions, memories, to do’s,…) Just note them here, without having to expect anything right or wrong…