About me

This website is a private initiative developed by Annelies De Zaeytijd. It served as a prototype to develop a blended learning environment for the centre for mental health care and other institutions in Belgium. In collaboration with CGG Ahasverus, she received funding from Flanders Care to make a bètaversion . You can find it here: vaardigleven.be.  However not all exercises from this prototype can be found in this bètaversion.

I work as a psychologist and psychotherapist in mental health care since 2001 and as a mindfulness trainer since 2013. The evidence-based methods of Western psychology I adopted in my work are mindfulness training, compassion training, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) and focusing on emotions.

I first learned how to meditate in a Thai temple when I was 18 years old, in 1995 during a cultural exchange year in Thailand. Since in this way I had tasted of two very different and yet similar worlds, I felt the need to take a closer look at these from an anthropological point of view. As a student in the Comparative Cultural Sciences I did research on western concepts like ‘religion’, ‘science’ and ‘psychology’ in order to understand learning processes in Buddhism. I understood that Buddhism cannot fit into these Western concepts, but has aspects of all of these. You can find the result of my research in my scientific paper “Buddhism: religion or science?”.

“I am very grateful to the people who trust me in coaching them, since they too, are a great inspiration to me! “